Jitsi Meet

  • https://jitsi.org/Projects/JitsiMeet

    This open source video conferencing solution is amazing - it pretty much works like join.me allowing people to instantly create group video chat rooms where people can join so long as they have the room URL

    This software works with rocketchat to provide an integrated video conferencing solution. It is also the basis for hipchat's video conferencing feature set.

  • Hi,

    It might be time to reconsider adding the wonderful Jitsi to the App store as they have worked on packaging Jitsi-Meet with Docker.



  • @Quentin Yes! The next release of Cloudron will added UDP support which is a requirement for Jitsi.

  • This is great. I am looking froward to it.

    To gain understanding, I have installed it on a standalone machine. The default installation gives the bare features one needs to make basic visio conferences. That would already be great to have just that into the app store.

    Though advanced features, like recording conferences or desktop sharing will require additional pieces of infrastructure. Though, these additional efforts will be well worth it.

    Let me know if I can help you in any way regarding this matter.


  • Ok I gave it another try, because jitsi would be one of the few killer applications that are still missing from cloudron, but I can't get it to install properly from the ubuntu repo, probably because of the minimal image discussed here. I did get it to work somewhat on 16.04, but the 18.04 image probably requires a lot more tinkering (or complete manual installation).

  • Jitsi in cloudron = killer app, i'm agree

  • shameless plug, but at my place of work we recently relaunched out web meetings software. One of the design goals is that Meet (which is the name of this new piece of software) will eventually work without the need to use the rest of our stack.

    Architecture wise it only depends on openid connect for authentication (we provide Konnect for this which can also be configured to get its users from LDAP) and our rest api to get contacts from your company. (and then naturally you also want a turn server from cross network calling).

    Compared to Jitsi we are still missing some features, like guest users and screenshot are still in development. On the long run we also want to add a feature similar to the "videobridge" that Jitsi is offering. But looking at the linked docker-compose Meet seems easier to deploy.

    Docker project that also includes Meet: https://github.com/zokradonh/kopano-docker

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