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  • Just made another update, a few things weren't working properly. Everything should run a bit smoother now, but it's still a work in progress (I want it to be a dedicated identity server as well).

    Not sure if it's necessary to pack the client itself, but if you want, it was already included in the version that I forked my app from (, maybe you could just grab the riot part and make a new app out of it.

    Cheers, M

  • @msbt Your version works great so far. Do you plan to add the Riot client as well? I’m happy with just the server part but I believe I read somewhere that Cloudron Web Store apps are required a proper front-end to be published.

  • hey @yusf, glad to hear that, although I should be updating more often, there has been quite a few updates since I packed it. They say it's not good security-wise to put the client in the same place as the server, that's why I actually removed it from the initial setup that I forked. But I just updated the riot-app itself, you can check it out here:

    It will try to use $APP_DOMAIN as a host, which is exactly what you're not supposed to do (and won't work with the cloudron setup), so you need to edit the config file after the installation.

  • Sorry for eons time until replying. You’re right, I’ve heard about that vulnerability myself now that I think on it.

    Have you considered adding mxisd? The project seem to add complete LDAP support without too much hassle which would make the package an ideal Cloudron app.

  • I think I did check it out at some point, but the package as it is now already supports ldap login. I also wanted to add an identity server, but ran out of time to test it back when I built it.

  • already supports ldap login

    Oh, that's great! I'm trying to install the latest app version with cloudron build and cloudron install but now I get:

    ERROR No image found, please run `cloudron build` first or specify a `dockerImage` in the CloudronManifest [ /usr/local/lib/node_modules/cloudron/src/helper.js:68:29 ]

  • Staff

    Looks like cloudron build was not run. Can you also make sure you are using the latest cloudron CLI? cloudron --version will say 1.7.0.

  • @girish But I did run build successfully:

    Build succeeded

    Version is 1.7.0, yes.

  • Staff

    Can you try deleting ~/.cloudron.json and try again? There was a format change about 2-3 months ago and maybe the json file is in the old format/corrupt.

  • That solved my problem, thank you.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @msbt Care to update the Riot package?

  • hey @yusf, sure thing, will check it out tomorrow. I haven't used it in a while because I changed to the electron desktop client, but I'll see if it's an easy update and let you know.

  • ok this was a quick fix, had a few minutes to do it, here you go:
    please compare your config to the example one, not that you miss anything, but I think it's good to go like that.

  • Thanks! There are some bugs with the package however. Users have to login twice to get inside.

    Also, the Security & Privacy section won't open at all. 🤔

    I've carefully compared my riot_config.json with the new one and adjusted accordingly (almost no diff).

  • which version of matrix are you using?

  • @yusf I can't confirm that. I deployed it, replaced all occurences of the riot domain to the matrix/synapse one and it works right out of the box (using username to login). Are you on the latest matrix build? Might push another update in a bit as they released 0.99.2rc1 earlier today, this means the 0.99.2 should be out soon.

  • @msbt Dang, I forgot to push an update of matrix, sorry. After I did, things started working more proper.

    Security & Privacy section of room settings still won't open but I’ve pinned that issue down to a specific room, the premade ”discuss” room, so let’s put that blame on Riot.

    Thank you for your help and advice. Is matrix/riot coming to the app store some day?

  • that I don't know, it would require a lot more testing since I've just forked and updated someone else's repo for my own needs. 0.99.2 is out, maybe I'll do a rebuild when 1.0 is ready and add all features that are required/available.

  • I'd be interested in an integrations server app for Cloudron, built on dimension.

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