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SOLVED Redirecting www to naked domain

  • Hello! I've discussed this before in the chat, and would just like to start a discussion around that topic again. I'm currently using Cloudron to run a few websites on different domains. In order to make work for websites that run at, I've set up LAMP apps for each of those, then have a redirect inside those redirecting to the naked domain. This is currently the only workaround to not get an SSL warning when accessing the address.

    My plan is the basic one, and from the pricing table I see that it's capped at 20 apps. I'm currently still under 20, but I'm guessing that sooner or later I might go over 20, at which time I need to think about how to deal with the fact that I'm basically running an additional app for every extra domain I've attached to my Cloudron.

    Now, what are the chances that at some point, when setting up an app, we will have the ability to simply add a subdomain like www to redirect to the actual naked domain, without having to work around this by setting up a separate LAMP app? That would make both the setup easier and lower the number of used apps on the Cloudron.

  • Staff

    @stormgrass Thanks for bringing this up. The plan is to implement the redirect feature very soon ( is the issue). The LAMP/Surfer app redirection is a temporary workaround till we implement the feature. Currently, the LAMP app and surfer app are already not counted towards the app count for this very reason.

  • @girish Thanks a lot for your reply. I wasn't aware that the LAMP/Surfer apps don't count towards the total app count. That's great news!

  • Staff

    This feature is now merged to master and will be part of the next release. There is still some amount of testing needed.

    If someone has an opinion on which http status code we should be using, please respond here. Currently I have put a 301, but I am not yet sure if this is dynamic enough for our use-case.