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SOLVED Node.BB Blog Comments Not Working

  • All,
    Trying to use Node.BB forum software requires a plugin called: nodebb-plugin-blog-comments2
    When installed through the GUI, the configuration menu does not appear.
    Is this a reproducible problem?
    All of the online guides say use the following command to install:

    # npm install nodebb-plugin-blog-comments2

    This fails on the command line.

    Documentation can be found at:

    Any help?

  • Staff

    You should try installing the plugin through the admin panel of the forum. That will guide you to active it afterwards and, if necessary, restart/rebuild the forum assets. There will be a notification bubble popping up if required.

  • Thats what I initially did in this step:
    "When installed through the GUI, the configuration menu does not appear."
    However, once installed, rebuilt, restarted, the plugin does nothing, and I cant find the menu to configure it. It is as if the Node.BB gui has been updated, and the plugin has not.

    I'm wondering if this is my setup, or a Node.BB issue.

  • Staff

    I have tried installing this and it appears to be working fine, however it does not seem to have any additional settings exposed through the UI. This is unlikely a packaging issue, please contact the plugin author about this issue, if there should be any configuration ui or not.

  • @nebulon There is a configuration UI, you can't use the plugin without it. I'll reach out to the Node.BB community for a deeper look.

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