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    @jimcavoli I am just speaking by reading the docs which might be outdated. says:

    • 4 GB of memory with swap enabled (8 GB of memory is better)
    • 4 CPU cores (8 is better)
    • TCP ports 80 and 443 are accessible
      * UDP ports 16384 - 32768 are accessible
      * Port 80 is not in use by another application

    Memory requirements aside, those port requirements are quite extreme. Though maybe they are just trying to say "keep a domain available" to host it, not sure.

  • I agree BBB has better UI, I'd prefer Jitsi since it's simple, but the default install is a world video conference server, you need to setup secure domain to have user id and password, hopefully if jitsi is the one, plz make it private:), I suppose no one wants to have the default jitsi server open to the world ^^

  • @girish damn thats a hell load of ports. 😨

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    @girish Don't know if this is helpful or not, but doesn't Nextcloud have at least a few features similar to BBB?

    Edit, yeah it has an official app you can install called Talk:


    Looks like it supports audio, video, and screensharing! At the very least, the basics. Might need extra stuff though so i am not sure how viable this option is.

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    The main issue with Nextcloud Talk that I see is that it's part of the Nextcloud-as-a-monolith model that they push, for understandable reasons. However, a lot of organizations have serious needs around chat with deeper integrations. For example, Rocket.Chat can enable one-click video conferencing, on top of all the other myriad of features, right there where users already are communicating with each other and with services, bots, and notifications by using either BBB or Jitsi, which is great, and means we don't need to have users switch tools just for video calling. Talk lacks this kind of integration in general, which just makes it tough, and it's (imo) not quite mature and suited as the alternatives described.

    Similarly, between BBB and Jitsi, there are lots of options to do more advanced things than just integrate them with another chat client, like embedding those conferences into web pages via Jitsi's API for that or BBB's Wordpress plugin / API or into an LMS like Moodle (also on the wishlist) via plugins (for BBB or Jitsi). Jitsi also has the ability to live stream in addition to record meetings (BBB can also do recording). Basically, if I'm going to spend valuable server resources (and transitively money) to run a video conferencing solution, I want more mileage/"bang for my buck" than Nextcloud meet offers.

    I think Talk is a great starting point for anyone with casual interest, limited needs, or just exploring video conferencing as a tool, but once we get to the proverbial big leagues with heavier-duty use cases, it's hugely beneficial to have one of these more fully featured tools. That's also striking at one of the huge advantages of the Cloudron platform - everyone can deploy the right-sized solution for their needs with ease and spend the energy on evaluating and transitioning tools as it's necessary, rather than getting mired in the administrative overhead of operating an existing one.

    As a parting thought, I'll add that today I find myself leaning more toward Jitsi than BBB after (finally) a positive experience with an event leveraging the public and thinking about the live streaming capabilities...frankly, as I've sworn up and down repeatedly in this thread, either would be great. If the hardware demands are too extreme on BBB, then let's go Jitsi. The control and privacy are really the banner features, imo, and both do an excellent job on those core requirements.

  • @girish please add Jira Service Desk, it would be so helpful and installs like confluence.

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    @SavvyMatthew Isnt jira just an add-on to confluence?

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    @murgero It's a separate product, somewhat integrated, of course, which actually comes in four (seriously?) versions now, Jira Software, Jira Align, Jira Core, and Jira Service Desk. All priced somewhat differently, with slightly different features, views, and reporting for slightly different workflows.

  • @jimcavoli Correct most companies use a combination of the four. In our case we use Service desk and confluence, it would be beneficial to use the Cloudron features in conjunction with them. The Install for Jira Service Desk is just like the confluence one just a separate package. but follows a simple package.

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    I would love to have Jira as well. Issue is that there is no way to automated the database configuration of those apps. And this is really annoying since it's not the experience that we want to provide our users (and causes support tickets which we don't want to handle). We have reached out to Atlassian support as well in the past and they have been unhelpful. If anyone know of any trick to automated the db setup of those apps, would love to hear it.

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    @girish You could (maybe) setup the app - then take a copy of the database untouched, modify it with the variables as needed for the app during first time installs??

  • @girish I'm not sure if I ever saw a complete automated Jira deployment. The company I work for has at least a straight forward docker setup with hassle free update process. As long as it is not a major version upgrade (from Jira 7 to 8...) it works pretty well.
    I would not recommend to automate the process in production without QA (we do not even do that) so it remains a manual task. I can ask my company if I can share some of our code with you.

    Edit: Okay we also got the DB creation+migration part automated

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    @subven That's awesome, I will send you an email to follow up.

  • @girish I've send you an mail regarding this topic. Hope it gets through because of the "suspicious" attachements. 😉 Hit me up if you have any questions.

  • Just chiming in that either BBB or Jitsi would be awesome!

    Although yes I think I'd learn slightly toward Jitsi as from what has been written above apparently it uses less resources, it seems more widely used, and it integrates nicely with Rocket.Chat which I'm loving.

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    I would give another +1 to jitsi due to the remote desktop feature (available in the electron app, to get rid of teamviewer)

  • @jdaviescoates said in Upcoming apps:

    I'd learn slightly toward Jitsi as from what has been written above apparently it uses less resources, it seems more widely used, and it integrates nicely with Rocket.Chat which I'm loving.

    Saying that, the first time I used the demo BBB years ago I was blown away but the automatic translation in their chat. I was chatting away to people who were reading and writing in a different language and it was a while before any of us noticed as it was just auto-translating everything into our preferred language!

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    Hi everyone,

    in the past weeks I have been working with the Cloudron team to make Kopano Meet available as an app for Cloudron.

    Meet is a modern video conferencing app that is designed as a so called Progressive Web App (PWA) which means that you can add it as an app to your phone/tablet/desktop directly from within Meet and without relying on external app stores. Functionality wise Meet provides 1 to 1 and group video calls as well as screensharing. We are utilising a library called "Glue" which facilitates easy integration into other applications, internal proof of concepts with this have already been done with Matrix and ownClouds new Phoenix UI (based on customer projects).

    The app has been released to unstable last week and can be found at

    Looking forward to your feedback!

  • @fbartels amazing news, thanks!

    Really looking forward to trying this out!

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    @fbartels this looks great! I'd like to give it a try, but I'm not sure what the 'first time' message is talking about - what's a TURN server, and if I don't have it configured, is it really entirely self hosted?