Updates to build service

  • Hi all,
    We have reworked our build service to make it easy to run custom apps (as mentioned in https://forum.cloudron.io/topic/1958/upcoming-apps). We will have the docs and a blog post later this week, but long story short, you can now install the build service (which was previously a service hosted by us) on your Cloudron itself. The build service is an app that you install on Cloudron just like any other app (it's opensource at https://git.cloudron.io/cloudron/cloudron-build-service). Once installed, cloudron build will ask you for the credentials to the installed build service and you are good to go. One the Cloudron side, there is a UI to set custom registry auth information (this will be part of 4.3 which will also be released in a day or two).

    The changes are getting deployed as we speak. Do NOT use the build service app yet on a production system. We are still testing out all the edge cases.

    The buildbot will thus be down moving forward. To build your custom apps in the mean time, do this:

    • Setup docker locally on your PC/laptop
    • docker build -t username/myimage:tag in your code
    • docker push username/myimage:tag
    • cloudron install --image username/myimage:tag

  • Glorious! Never expected this component to be released but Iā€™m pleasantly surprised.

  • This is an amazing release ! I'v just installed it, will test later with some docker images I wanted to have installed

  • The buildbot will thus be down moving forward.

    Wait, indefinitely or for now? I still need it šŸ˜ž

    Is it important what tag name to choose? I'm a newb in this regard.

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