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Pterodactyl Panel & Pterodactyl Node (each as own app)

  • Hi.

    So I’m looking to see if its possible to run Pterodactyl ( and the daemon as separate apps on cloudron.

    This is a well known game hosting panel, which also offers support for nodejs apps and discord bots, py scripts, etc.

    Would be great to see you add it!

  • Pterodactyl looks excellent! It has all the features one may think of when it comes to game server management which I think legitimizes a "system within a system" as a Cloudron app.

  • @yusf I’m not quite sure if you see my idea as positive or negative as I’m not a native english speaker, are you able to elaborate? 😅

  • Staff

    Someone from Pterodactyl project actually applied for a license a while ago. Let me ping them to check what the status of the package is and if they need our help.

  • @girish Sounds good! Would be great to see the panel & daemon as apps on the cloudron store! And will definitely make me buy a second license.

  • @girish It would be cool if you could implement this, there's a docker version here:

  • Is someone able to deploy this to unstable for me to install? Either via cloudroncli or appstore?

  • App Dev

    @Trankery That would require the packaging effort to be undertaken first - not impossible, but not a super fast thing to do either. I'm a little booked at the moment, but if @girish has an update on whether anyone from the project replied, it would help expedite things a lot if they were willing to do that.

  • Any update on this?

  • Staff

    @Trankery We are not actively working on it. But out of curiosity, are you interested in the pterodactyl panel itself or some specific game server inside it?

  • Pterodactyl itself whould be very nice @girish , because it whould enable so much different gameservers and stuff that it really expands Cloudron i a good way. I thinking about cancel the cloudron-abo only to bring ptero to my system but than i cant install cloudron side-by-side...

    But Cloudron has that other cool stuff like the simple email-configuration and the simple maintenance of a huge amount of websites and cool software like discourse... i messing around to bring up different gameserver for my network but that is not as good as i wish.

    So bringing Pterodactyl to cloudron was the holy gral for me.

    AND! Pls pls pls enable Portranges... pls... its such a mess to compile a whole new app to bring up additional ports and after that i must update all stuff by myself so i lost the big thing why cloudron is such a great piece of software. ;(

    best regards Sidias 😃

    EDIT: For the Portranges maybe a field that can be edited like Port1-Port34;Port56;Port120-Port230;Port789 and so on to make it possible to bring more flexibility to the existing apps.

  • Staff

    @Sidias From what I understand, pterodactyl is a control panel by itself for running docker based game servers. Are you looking for the game servers (easier) or are you looking for running pterodactyl ? If it's the former, can you tell us which game servers are your immediate need? For example, we have minecraft (and 2 version of that). If it's the latter, can you tell me a bit more about what pterodactyl will give you over running say game servers directly on Cloudron?

  • @girish

    Yes it's true there are 2 MC-Server-Apps but unfortunately they are useless for the serious used one. I use custom jars for the minecraft servers and a lot of plugins. All this must be manageable. The best way is a clever FTP or even better a reasonable webpanel which allows up- and download of the plugins, custom jars, start parameters and much more. Furthermore, a proper rights management should be included so that if you have a large team, you can give read and write access to certain folders to individual people and or start stop restart rights for the server.

    There is just so much missing in the MC apps that it's crazy. Also they should not only be able to use the vanilla port because there are some plugins like Dynmap, Plan etc. which need more ports to work. For this a Portrange would be very practical.

    At the moment I've made a Multicraft with Lamp and use it, but because of the missing portranges and the strange rights management of the app I can't autoupdate it and I have to be careful when I make a backup without explicitly checking the folder rights before the backup doesn't start because it doesn't have the necessary rights.

    All this leads to the fact that I have to tinker around a lot by hand to get all my MC servers online properly. Not to mention clever mysql...

    translatet with deepl i hope its all understandable =).

  • Any updates about this topic?