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SOLVED Really great to get Pixelfed Going!

  • App Dev

    Re: Installing PixelFed in the LAMP app properly (well enough)

    Got this up and running recently without any major hiccups. The only challenge I'm having is for email - there's an option for encryption which is required if I want to use my local CR instance of mail, but not sure what to put there.

    Also, the crontab setup was REALLY cool, however, would be groovie if I could get the crontab output to the CR log for the container. The instructions are sending it to dev/null pretty sure, maybe just strip that out?

  • Staff

    @doodlemania2 Do you have a screenshot of the mail setup? Also, did you set this up in the LAMP app as @murgero described or did you make a Cloudron app. I know you have contributed apps like monica in the past 🙂 So, if you get around to making a Cloudron app, would love to get it published.

  • App Dev

    Just to get up and going, I followed the OP instructions - however, I am already working on getting my CR host spruced up to pack it up - seems totally doable!!!

    On the mail config, I think it is cause the default "driver" is log and I need to set it to smtp. Will try again.

  • App Dev

    @doodlemania2 Thanks for trying out my instructions! I'd have packaged the app myself but unfortunately my time is hella limited due to projects I am working on at work. I am happy to know that it works for you - I haven't seen any feed back on my post.

    If you have any questions about the instructions or setup, please let me know!

  • App Dev

    Rebuilding my CR now to get started. Really the instructions were perfect. The only additional thing I had to do was configure the crontab but that took like half a second. It will be interesting to see how to generate .env automatically, but I'm thinking about on 'first run,' I just stream it out with echo's or something.