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BitwardenRS - Package Updates

  • Staff

    You can use this thread to track updates to the BitwardenRS package.

    Please open issues in a separate topic instead of replying here.

  • Staff


    • Use latest base image 2.0.0
    • Run bitwarden as non-root user
    • Enable bitwarden logs
  • Staff

    A package version 1.2.0 was published updating Web Vault to 2.14.0. However, this was a packaging error and the package has been revoked.

  • Staff


    • Update Bitwardenrs to 1.15.0
    • Full changelog
    • Added support for soft deletion of items (trash functionality)
    • Redesigned admin page
    • Updated web vault to 2.14
    • Added IP address to the logs on TOTP failure, alowing fail2ban use
    • Some email and domain whitelist fixes
    • Fixed issue deleting notes in PostgreSQL
    • Updated dependencies and other bug fixes
  • Staff


    • Update BitwardenRS to 1.15.1
    • Full changelog
    • Fixed error when cloning attachments with ciphers, note that attachments are not cloned
    • Fixed version check when a commit hasn't been made since the last release
    • Added openssl extern crate to fix some builds
    • Updated admin page, added attachments count per user and users count per organization and fixed issue with DNS not resolving
  • Staff


    • Update BitwardenRS to 1.16.0
    • Update web vault to 2.15.1
    • Full changelog
    • Add support for hiding passwords in a collection
    • Add option to set name during HELO in email settings
    • Add startup script to support init operations
    • Use local time in email notifications for new device logins
    • Updated dependencies and included web vault
    • Removed unstable dependencies in preparation for rocket stable
  • Staff


    • Update BitwardenRS to 1.16.1
    • Log timestamps with milliseconds by default and added option LOG_TIMESTAMP_FORMAT to customize the format
  • Staff


    • Update BitwardenRS to 1.16.2
    • Fixed issue unlocking vault in the desktop client.
    • Added back arm32v6 tag, because docker fails to select that image in ARMv6 devices.
    • Fixed websocket notifications when sending an item to the trash.
  • Staff


    • Update BitwardenRS to 1.16.3
    • Fixed mysql and postgresql releases not building correctly
    • Added support for restricting org creation to certain users: Examples
    • Syncronized global_domains.json with upstream
  • Staff


    • Update BitwardenRS to 1.17.0
    • Update webvault to 2.16.1
    • Sessions are properly invalidated now when changing email, password or kdf parameters.
    • Items are not shown to organization admins in their user view when they don't have their collection selected. Note that they still appear in the organization view.
    • Favorite status in organization items is now tracked at the user level.
    • Updated dependencies and synced global domains file with upstream.