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  • Staff

    Here's what you can expect from 5.3. This will be a fairly short release as we are going to get back into packaging apps. Pixelfed, Metabase, Grafana, Akaunting, Jellyfin, River are all packaged and waiting for our attention, so we want to get them out. Jitsi has to be completed as well.

    As for 5.3 itself:

    • User onboarding flow - Currently, many of the automation we do - like db, email, user management is not understood entirely by users because other tools don't do it and we don't explain what we do.
    • s3: path style is being deprecated by AWS in Sep 2020 -
    • CIFS storage backend
    • Synchronize LDAP groups - issue

    Anyone else have any pressing need? The release after this will be a more feature rich release but we want to keep this one as minimal as possible.

  • App Dev

    Would be super awesome to see network traffic used by app (container) in the admin console. Something simple like a graph over time of GBin and GBout

  • If you ask yourself (like I did) what River is -->

  • @girish I know this has come up before and you mentioned it was on your radar, too. Server-side full-text search for e-mail to speed up searches would be a "nice to have". Not a pressing need though, but just thought I mention it (again). Maybe in the cards for one of the future releases.

  • Staff

    @Mallewax Indeed, we will consider it for the release after since it's a biggish feature.

  • Maybe basic moderation for email list?

    Allows to assign one email address (which is on the list) as the moderator email so that:

    • if an email is sent from someone on the list it just goes through and get distributed as normal
    • if an email is sent from someone outside the list, the sender gets an email back saying their email is being moderated; the moderator receives the email and can forward it or not to the list

    Just though of this as an easy implementation of basic moderation if that's useful.

  • Good afternoon. Do you have plans to add Zabbix?

  • Staff

    @Upuat You can upvote this thread - and we can prioritize based on interest. Are you looking for integration with an external zabbix server or running zabbix as an app on Cloudron?

  • Staff

    @avatar1024 I prefer to package an existing app which provides distribution list functionality for this instead of writing our own (if possible). Do you know of any? For example, does mailmain or Sympa cover this?

  • @girish As a cloudron app.

  • @girish Sure that makes sense. I was more proposing this as a basic twist on what seem to already be built-in Cloudron email features to add some kind of moderation with minimum development work (basically just an auto-forward to a specific address, and the moderator doing again just a forward to the list manually).

    Both yes both mailman and Sympa do this. But maybe this is not something many people need as I don't think there have been many upvote (for mailman at least) so feel free to disregard 🙂

  • App Dev

    As long as your re-touching the onboarding flow, I have a small suggestion : add a password.

    More precisely, when the terminal tells you to go to the IP of your server on your browser, anyone who gets there before could basically take over the server, and could even reset the flow so you don't even notice. I know, the window of opportunity is small. It should basically be impossible as long as you go to the IP in question right then. But still...

    A one-time password shown in the terminal, that the web interface would ask you for before allowing you to proceed with the setup would be pretty easy for the user, and would completely solve the issue.

    (I must note that I have not gone through the setup and onboarding in a long time, what I am saying may be completely obsolete)

  • @mehdi Even something as simple as a pin could work.

  • Staff

    Good idea. Currently, we do this for AWS 1-click images where the AMI id is required for the setup to be completed. AWS provides an API to query this pseudo-"secret" though.

  • The ability for users to disable / stop services such as redis, mail, etc without needing command-line access to do so. That'd be an awesome (and hopefully small) tweak that'd be useful especially for people who want to optimize their resources on their servers.

  • Hi,
    i just wannted to ask about the Firewall in Cloudron Whitelist and Blocklisting IP's.
    Usually i would do it over UFW but since its a bit diffrent in Cloudron.
    Because i see some IP's thanks to shodan -.- trying to send some spams and i would like to block them.
    And GEO IP Blocking as a feature would be nice, i think login to should be really high secured, i mean yes we have 2FA but if someone tries bruteforce attacks will not lead to something because of 2FA, but why create uneeded webservice requests.

  • Any plans to add the facility to append 2FA Token in LDAP Passwords?

  • Staff

    @nj Not in this release, but maybe for the next one. I have opened

  • Not a feature for 5.3, but wish to point out that Cloudron does not have even a single e-commerce platform (other than woocommerce on Wordpress, of course).

    OTH, we have multiple apps under each category.

    Can we get started on Magento and Prestashop please?

    Thank you!!

  • Staff

    @jagan We are planning to add oxid shortly - (the package is mostly read, just finishing it up with the upstream developers).