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What do you do?

  • Great question! I'm currently a Senior Technical Support Engineer for a large Fortune 150 tech company, that's my day job. My roles before that were more sysadmin oriented for two smaller companies. Then I run my own business (freelance work) for web design & hosting, email hosting, tech support, etc. for local small businesses and individuals. That's where Cloudron comes in for me, it's basically for helping me save time while I manage customer websites and emails, etc. and so far I'm quite impressed with Cloudron and the team behind it. šŸ™‚

  • I am Head of the service desk in a software company in Germany and responsible for data protection issues. My roots lie in activities as system administrator and consultant for LAN / WAN topics.

    Privately I am interested in IT topics and data economy also and try to free myself more and more from the data kraken.
    I am certified as CCNA, MCSA (Server and Desktop), SLCA, ACSP, ACTC, SLCA and plan to become more of an admin in the future again, towards Linux Graduate and Kubernetes. Especially regarding the new European program Gaia-X and the growing possibilities it offers, this seems to be future-proof.

  • App Dev

    I'm the co-founder and CTO of a startup specialized in data encryption : if anyone's interested šŸ™‚

  • App Dev

    I'm a software engineer and always loved web technologies. I got into self-hosted because Google Reader shut down (@girish isn't alone!). I felt pretty strongly about it and even wrote a blog post about how I got into it - featuring Cloudron of course. Now self hosting is a hobby on the side of my main work.

  • I didn't realize we had such a group of badasses here. Glad to learn a little more about each of you.

  • Iā€˜m a lawyer working in the field of i.a. data privacy law who is just very interested in tech and likes to run things at home. Also, the rules of our profession require us to not give data of our clients to any third party which rules the use out most US based web services.

  • App Dev

    I am an IT Consultant and Web Developer.

  • App Dev

    I'm a web developer for a startup and run my own little company on the side which offers programming and hosting for designers, agencies and other customers.

  • I am in charge of publishing and communication for a centre of scientific, technical and industrial culture located in France.

  • I start programming with a Commodore64 than manage network and system (BSD, Mac, Linux, Windows, Cisco, Juniper, ...) than went back to school and became certified Cloud+, Linux SysAdmin and Ethical Hacker and now I would like to pass to a next level (Teaching, Coaching, Empowering, ...) with OpenSource and CommonSense.

  • Staff

    Hi all. Next to @girish I am the other founder of Cloudron. Before that I was working at Nokia where I basically got into webtech as a developer. I used to be a C++/Qt developer after coming even from Gtk/XFCE back in the days.

    I host my own things since some time around 2000, but prior to working on Cloudron never really got deeper into sysadmin topics, which also meant I couldn't really host everything I wanted and needed. That was a big driver for me to work on Cloudron, just to be able to run more things besides the LAMP stack scripts basically.

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