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  • I understand that with the free tier I am limited to 2 apps. I also understand that with premium, I can have unlimited apps. But none of the plans address a server count. So I am assuming (but really hoping to be wrong about this) that Premium is unlimited applications but for a single server. And that if I wanted multiple servers/instances/droplets/etc (based on server hosting), I would need a separate premium cloudron account for each server I maintain. Is that correct?

    I'd prefer it if you tell me, "No," but I suppose only if that's true. 😉

  • App Dev

    Hi @JaceBarnett,

    yes I think that matches the statements made on the forum in the past. A subscription is always "bound" to the server its running on. When migrating it will move, but it cannot be active on more than one server at the same time.

  • Staff

    Just to clarify as well, the assumption is correct. A subscription is for one server.

  • Thanks for the confirmation. The pricing page isn't super clear, but that's what I was thinking. Unfortunately, I don't think I can justify the expense then as I tend to generally only run an app or two per server, because I want maximum resource allocation for each app.

    Although, now that I'm saying that, I'm wondering... can a person have multiple free cloudron accounts, or is that a violation of the TOS. I didn't really think about it until I was saying that I couldn't justify the expense, but then as I was typing I realized since I only run 1 or 2 apps per server, free might work perfectly assuming I am allowed more than one.

  • Should be useful to use a single license on multiple servers. This for a good load balancing or separate/isolate personal app from public apps/other apps.

  • Staff

    @JaceBarnett You don't need multiple accounts, you can have a single account and in that single account you can have as many free servers as you want. You won't be violating our license. I think your situation is uncommon amongst our existing user base who want to maximize the number of apps on a server (to cut down server costs). The only 'catch' is that you are limited to the features and support of the free plan. If that works for you, please go ahead, it's not a problem.

    @p44 Yes, we are working on something for this for the next release - (the unified dashboard bullet point). I will have more details in the coming weeks.

  • @girish Thank's a lot, really curious to see new improvements 🙂

  • @girish most excellent!