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  • Staff

    You can read the full announcement in our blog here.


    • Hardware accelerated transcoding (VAAPI support)
    • IP Block list
    • Mail Server
      • Mail server location can be changed
      • Server side email signature
      • Spam filter - set spammy addresses and also custom spam filter rules
      • Set maximum email size
    • Scheduler redesigned to no re-create containers all the time
    • Remove IP nginx configuration that redirects to dashboard after activation
    • dashboard: looks for search string in app title as well
    • Fix issue where the long mongodb database names where causing app indices of to overflow (> 127)
    • Do not resize swap if swap file exists. This means that users can now control how swap is allocated on their own.
    • SFTP: fix issue where parallel rebuilds would cause an error
    • Do not automatically update to unstable release
    • Fix bug where systemd 237 ignores --nice value in systemd-run
    • postgresql: enable uuid-ossp extension
    • HTTP URLs now redirect directly to the HTTPS of the final domain
    • linode: Add singapore region
    • ovh: add sydney region
    • s3: makes multi-part copies in parallel
  • Staff

    There's a couple of bugs/regressions.

    • The firewall IP block list has a bug that it does not reliably block connections to the mail server alone. For this, please apply this change
    • On ubuntu 16, the hardware transcoding feature does not work and it also makes the latest emby not run at all. For that, please apply this change