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SOLVED Upgrades of stopped Apps

  • When one visits the configuration/update page of a stopped app, the Upgrade button is green but not clickable. No information is given why this seemingly does nothing.

    One must start the app manually from the console section, then upgrade, then stop the app again, manually.

    Can we automate this by allowing upgrades of stopped apps to just work?

  • I felt this same way when it came to cloning a backup instead of being able to just click restore because the app was in an error state. Just a bunch of extra steps for reasons I'm technically unaware of (for now).

  • Staff

    Indeed that indicator should give some information why the app is not updated. Generally updating stopped apps is not advised, since however well we try to test updates, there is always a possibility of something not going well. Now if we update a stopped app but the app is actually not used or running, then a failed update of some sorts is easily overlooked. Now think of that app being stopped for say two months and there were 4 app updates applied. Then the app is started and the first user finds out that it is not even working. Such a situation is very hard to recover now, especially since people often don't keep backups for long enough.

  • @nebulon makes sense, I think on balance I'm happy with your approach and reasoning on this and the micro-convenience would be at the cost of displacing risks. Better sticking with what already works IMHO.

  • @nebulon
    As an alternative then, can you provide a hover text on the disabled upgrade button (turn it yellow from green) that says the app must be started and to go to Console > Start App.

    That way the newb user is not left hanging with noplace to go. Close the feedback loop, always!

  • Staff

    While looking into this, I found that the update button (the green one) is in fact correctly disabled with a tooltip mentioning that the app is not running.

    I do agree that adding some more text, explaining why the app currently cannot be updated and also providing a shortcut to start the app directly from that update view. This is not implemented and will be part of the next release.

    Again thanks for all the input, this helps us providing better UI 🙂

  • @nebulon
    My pleasure, one of my superpowers.

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