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  • Everyone here has A LOT to hide. If you're a Sys Admin, all those keys to kingdoms you have could yield great value or damage in the wrong hands.

    Doesn't matter how secure we are if social-engineering can get to our stuff through our peers.

    Aside from that, hopefully my blog post above explains a lot of other things to think about for how all our peers devices can gather data on us no matter how secure we are personally, so it will only be a whole society movement that plugs those holes, and I'm sure many here are happy to help friends and family do that if it is the seeds for a greater migration.

  • @marcusquinn Agreed. Everyone who says they have nothing to hide doesn't quite realize the potential that can come from companies having even just basic details on you.

  • @d19dotca The most obvious one now is censorship, since your view of the curated online world is tailored to show you what you are most likely to engage with, and we're all seeing a different view. Add to that the profiling on how influential you are, so targeting the most influential people then turns them into propaganda gophers. We're all in database tables somewhere now as a statistically significant type of some kind or another.

  • The most perverse is that if you know you're watched, then you change your behaviour instead of behaving like yourself.

  • @d19dotca lol no, it wasn't directed at you but that argument is what I'm used to hear when I try to educate my family and friends about data privacy. My first choice would be Matrix and Signal would be my second. But, I don't use my phone except for calling, 2FA TOTP, and email (Mail iOS app) so I never really bothered to look into it that much. I practically live on my PC so securing Windows (MS is probably the worst offender of them all) is my main concern. I'm forced to use Windows because of the CAD/CAM software that I have. I had no luck running them with Wine but I do have Pop!_OS on different drive and a stack of raspberry pi 4's for NAS (OMV5), PiVPN, PiHole, and one dedicated for fooling around with 🙂

  • @d19dotca Yes! I scared the living **** out of my family when I asked them to search their full name to see what they come up with. Every few months, I do this and go through the removal process on all these sites for my whole family. It's a PITA since they try to hide the opt-out form but you learn their tricks and the process becomes easier. I wouldn't be surprised if these sites were all operated by the same scummy group because their websites have a lot of similarities with each other.

  • @humptydumpty said in Best privacy chat apps:

    I'm forced to use Windows because of the CAD/CAM software that I have

    Hope this helps!

  • I would encourage you to give matrix another shot - it's gotten a lot better on mobile. My only remaining two gripes are the lack of multi-account support and the way threading works (I prefer Slack's method)

  • @hillside502 Thank you but I wish it was as simple as finding an alternative CAD program. I have multiple plugins that are specific to the industry and software I'm using. Without these plugins, my work would take x10 as long to complete.

  • @humptydumpty that's what VMs and containers are for. Containers run in Windows just fine.