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  • App Dev

    I think it would be useful to have something in the network section that, similar to the CPU and Memory usage also shows network usage. One step further would be periodically running speed tests to guage what the rough throughput of the network the server is on is like. Then, you can also (roughly) show a %usage on the network and indicate how much of that is contributed by Cloudron.

    I am more worried about this because I am coming up on the end of my contract with my ISP (right now I have 300 down 25 up) and would like to see real time usage info on that.

    Another step to this would be configurable alert emails (this might be useful for CPU/RAM usage too). Of course, I can figure out this info other ways easily, but I just feel that having all of the system info consolidated in the Cloudron dashboard would be a nice value add.

    What are your thoughts @girish @nebulon

  • App Dev

    I realize this kinda turned into a bunch of feature requests so I'll try to make it point form here:

    • Network bandwidth usage
    • Periodic testing of network limits to determine usable bandwidth
    • Percentage usage info
    • Configurable usage notifications at user-defined steps for network, cpu, and ram.
  • Staff

    All valid requests but for network usage atleast, I don't think linux exposes this information per cgroup/container - (had tried to implement this for @doodlemania2 but couldn't figure how)

  • App Dev

    @girish Ah I guess what I am more concerned about is a total network usage chart. Almost like, for instance, the Windows task manager network chart. Just vague enough so I can see how I am doing when, for instance, doing a larger shareplay via Jellyfin.

  • look into network weathermap tools, there is one coming to mind that's installable on a pi, french, but can't recall it atm.

  • App Dev


    Man I think I'm just going to upgrade our internet. For the canadian folks in the forum, I'm using Shaw and its that or Telus. Telus has symmetrical gigabit but blocks port 25 (no bueno for email). But I'm with a legacy plan 300/25, and their new 300 plan is fibre and offers 100 up. Horray for the lack of competition and good pricing for Canada! We can't even do capitalism right. My peertube shit the bed and my jellyfin stopped playing music as soon as my fiance hopped on to a PS4 party with her friends. 😕


  • @atrilahiji that's just poor traffic management 😛