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    @rosano said in A list of Cloudron-like services/ competitors:

    @jdaviescoates beautiful list, and thanks to everyone for compiling so many options here. would love to integrate more into (preferably ones that don't require too much command-line setup / management), it's open-source so people can also make pull requests, i can help explain how to add other platforms ☀️

    I realize it might be complex for me or any other person to integrate some of these into the listing, so I compiled them in simple text over at awesome-0data and added a few of my own, such as:

    libreserver: Your own personal server. ApisCP: Full-stack hosting platform with self-healing technology. CloudPanel: Run your favorite applications and frameworks without any additional configuration. Gardens: Host your own apps, find open-source tools, share how-to guides. Yacht: Container management UI with a focus on templates and 1-click deployments. Syncloud: Run your apps at your premises.

    Also be welcome to contribute by editing the document.