Just to add context to my comment :
I have 45 apps running on my Cloudron (I am sure others have even more).
<5 minute installs vs 2-3 hours 'conventionally' : 45 times. That's a lot of time and grey hair saved.
Normally I would need multiple servers to run that for segregation, so the Cloudron monthly-equiv fee is off-set by saving on multiple VPS.

I totally get that non-profits have a duty and a need to keep costs down.
But that's exactly what Cloudron does.

Cloudron is truly cost-effective and cost-minimising.
Cloudron is the only tech cost that I'm genuinely happy to carry.
And they stand out a mile vs the rest of the industry in terms of quality, kind and constructive support.

But @girish and @nebulon : that doesn't mean you can increase the price !! 😁