Update lounge to 4.3.0 Full changelog 4.3 is a smaller release with one major feature: message search! A big thank you to richrd and Nachtalb for working on this. Classes for channels in list with unread counts and highlights (#4214 by @sha1sum) Add proper filename to the content-disposition header (#4187 by @Nachtalb) Add HTML lang and labelled-by field to upload (#4051 by @MaxLeiter) Improve inline audio file support (#4210 by @Nachtalb) Show give/revoke modes and kick in context menu on other modes than +o (#4176 by @mitaka8, #4181 by @MaxLeiter) Add prefetchMaxSearchSize to override limit for link previews (#4135 by @brunnre8) Skip video/audio embeds if og:type exists but does not specify it (#4040 by @xPaw) Add version support for packages. (#4041 by @McInkay)