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  • Hi, a wish for an app: Resilio Sync - a closed-source, but pretty good p2p alternative for file syncing, similar but in some respects more advanced than the already supported SyncThing.

    Their docker image is here:

    It is not primarily meant to be used for backup, but is currently probably closest to a crypto-identity based filesystem. If included in the Cloudron, it would be possible to have a blind (data encrypted) seed of shared data that would then be accessible on other devices.

    The question here would be about backups - would it then be possible to exclude such an app from backups? Or only have the app and settings themselves backed up, while the data would not have to be backed up? Example: let's say all my personal files are distributed across my machines via Resilio, so that they are seeded in multiple locations. It would be expensive to then have a large amount of data backed to yet another storage with every (e.g. nightly) cloudron data backup.