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  • I found this interesting. Reminds me of anytype, shared in another thread.

    In short it seems to allow one to save data to your personal machine, while using web applications.

    Here is a video about the project ( though somewhat old)

    Current apps:
    I find Sharesome interesting

    From website:

    Traditional Web Apps
    alt text

    No-Backend Web Apps

    alt text
    Unhosted Web Apps

    alt text

    Own your data

    Everything in one place – your place. Use a storage account with a provider you trust, or set up your own storage server. Move house whenever you want. It's your data.

    Stay in sync

    remoteStorage-enabled apps automatically sync your data across all of your devices, from desktop to tablet to smartphone, and maybe even your TV.
    Compatibility & choice

    Use the same data across different apps. Create a to-do list in one app, and track the time on your tasks in another one. Say goodbye to app-specific data silos.
    Go offline

    Most remoteStorage-enabled apps come with first-class offline support. Use your apps offline on the go, and automatically sync when you're back online.

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