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Questions about user management

  • Is cloudron's own user management system more robust than say the one in NextCloud? If I run a NextCloud instance inside of a Cloudron instance, can I use Nextcloud's user management to manage cloudron users? Would this even make sense?

    If I understand correctly, Cloudron can interface using LDAP... Is there FLOSS user management system that is recommended when there is a need for more sophisticated user management across multiple systems? (including systems outside of a cloudron, for example)

    I'm sorta at my learning edge here, so pardon any questions that seem strange to answer.

  • Hello bortsed,

    Cloudron offer ad LDAP server to be used by Apps like NextCloud, this is very useful if you use multiple apps in the same cloudron, or you use the email server provided with in Cloudron because you will have one account for everything.

    If you use external service Cloudron can be setup to replicate an existing LDAP server, we for example for managing our desktops or laptops we are using Jumpcloud.

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