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Mastodon - Package Updates

  • Staff

    You can use this thread to track updates to the Mastodon package.

    Please open issues in a separate topic instead of replying here.

  • Staff


    • Use latest base image 2.0.0

  • Staff


    • Add forumUrl

  • Staff


    • Update Mastodon to 3.1.5
    • Full changelog
    • Security: Fix media attachment enumeration (ThibG)
    • Security: Change rate limits for various paths (Gargron)
    • Security: Fix other sessions not being logged out on password change (Gargron)

  • Staff


    • Update Mastodon to 3.2.0
    • Full changelog
    • Add hotkey for toggling content warning input in web UI (ThibG)
    • Add support for summary field for media description in ActivityPub (ThibG)
    • Add hints about incomplete remote content to web UI (Gargron, noellabo)
    • Add personal notes for accounts (ThibG, Gargron, Sasha-Sorokin)
    • Add customizable thumbnails for audio and video attachments (Gargron, Gargron, Gargron, Gargron, ThibG, ThibG, noellabo, noellabo)
    • Add a visibility indicator to toots in web UI (noellabo, highemerly)
    • Add tootctl email_domain_blocks (tateisu, Gargron)
    • Add "Add new domain block" to header of federation page in admin UI (ariasuni)
    • Add ability to keep emoji picker open with ctrl+click in web UI (bclindner, noellabo)
    • Add custom icon for private boosts in web UI (ThibG)
    • Add support for Create and Update activities that don't inline objects in ActivityPub (ThibG)
    • Add support for Undo activities that don't inline activities in ActivityPub (ThibG)

  • Staff


    • Add cron job to cleanup cached files

  • Staff


    • Update Mastodon to 3.2.1
    • Full changelog
    • Add support for latest HTTP Signatures spec draft (ThibG)
    • Add support for inlined objects in ActivityPub to/cc (ThibG)
    • Fix crash when failing to load emoji picker in web UI (ThibG)
    • Fix contrast requirements in thumbnail color extraction (ThibG)
    • Fix audio/video player not using CDN_HOST on public pages (ThibG)
    • Fix private boost icon not being used on public pages (OmmyZhang)
    • Fix audio player on Safari in web UI (ThibG, ThibG)

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