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  • RE: Permissions in /home/yellowtent/boxdata/mail/vmail/* are inconsistently applied

    @d19dotca Inspecting a few mail servers that I can ssh into it seems all the sieve files are -rw------- and all the mailboxes are drwx------. Was this server restored from a backup by any chance? If so, that would maybe explain the discrepancy. But even then I am not sure why some of the mailbox folders have pretty bizzare permissions like "r-x" for group/others. I think you can safely change the permissions to the ones I listed above.

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  • RE: Can't discard spam messages on arrival using Sieve filters

    @d19dotca Just got around to looking into this. This doesn't work because the mail server processes spam messages using dovecot's sieve_before flag - . You can check the /app/dovecot-config/sieve_before/spam-move.sieve script in the mail container which is moving X-Spam-Flag into the Spam folder. Because the filter below is run before user messages, your filters don't work. This also makes it easy for the end user to not worry about processing spam messages when writing filters, so I think the default behavior is good.

    require ["fileinto","mailbox"];
    if header :contains "X-Spam-Flag" "YES" {
        fileinto "Spam";

    For the original use case of discarding all spam for forwarding mailboxes, this is the default behavior in next release.

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  • RE: Server Replication for DNS Failover purposes?

    This doesn't answer the question but the multi-server feature is intended to distribute the apps over multiple servers/nodes. The design is not for providing HA functionality.

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  • RE: Custom app container startup arguments

    @svallory If I understanding correctly, you want to specify the setting names like S3/SITE_NAME/SITE_DESCRIPTION etc and then these variables can then be configured by UI ? Also, I guess you are expecting these variables to become exposed as environment variables to the app?

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  • RE: Request: A CLI flag to skip the "reboot y/n" question on Cloudron installation

    Haven't tried but echo "yes" | ./cloudron-setup probably works as well to automate reboot.

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  • RE: Weblate - Package Updates


    • Update Weblate to 4.7
    • Improved configuration health check.
    • Added support for object-pascal-format used in gettext PO, see :ref:check-object-pascal-format.
    • Renamed :guilabel:Nearby keys to :guilabel:Similar keys to better describe the purpose.
    • Added support for :ref:mi18n-lang.
    • Improved SAML authentication integration.
    • Fixed :ref:vcs-gerrit integration to better handle corner cases.
    • Weblate now requires Django 3.2.
    • Fixed inviting users when e-mail authentication is disabled.
    • Improved language definitions.
    • Added support for blocking users from contributing to a project.
    • Fixed automatic creation of glossary languages.
    • Extended documentation about add-ons.
    • Performance improvements for components with linked repositories.
    • Added support for free DeepL API.
    • The user management no longer needs Django admin interface.
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  • RE: Can't add a new website

    @eddowding usually when you install an app and then click on the app grid icon of the installed app the first time, it shows a dialog with those details, which you have to explicitly acknowledge.

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  • RE: Help installing Cloudron on the Virtualbox ?

    @alexsunny123 ok there are quite a few variables in the mix here it seems. For a start, can you connect to the Cloudron setup view using the public IP address from your ISP on port 80 and 443?

    To rule out some other maybe interfering parts, disable the Cloudflare proxying.

    Since you mentioned email, on a residential connection you will most likely require a mail relay to work properly, anyways port 25 will most likely be blocked by your ISP. Cloudron as mail relay support for various providers though.

    Lastly for Cloudron it doesn't really matter if bare-metal or VM, so there are no special docs about this. You should be fine as long as you have vanilla Ubuntu 20.04 server installed.

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  • RE: Collabora Office - Package Updates


    • Update loolwsd to 6.4.9-3
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  • RE: FreeScout - Package Updates


    • Update FreeScout to 1.7.10
    • Copy customer email by clicking on it in the sidebar.
    • Fix customer sidebar height when it's contend does not fit inside.
    • Removed office hours notice from the mailbox auto reply page.
    • Updated Polish translation.
    • Send Later and Easy Digital Downloads modules released.
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