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Which email and contact management app for Cloudron?

  • Which application(s) are you all using for email/contacts etc, if you installed one using Cloudron? I'm going to play around with some but I'd like some feedback on your preferences. I would need something that will let me easily maintain my contacts (ideally let me import them from Google).

    I have Nextcloud installed but its own email app seems very basic, though it can use Nextcloud's contacts app. Nextcloud also has an app or two for webmail (I forget which), but I don't think it makes sense to use them.

    I want to use the single-sign on support in Cloudron, which should make it easier for my users. I'll look at Sogo but that might be more than I need. Maybe Roundcube is enough (if it supports single sign on)?

    Suggestions? Cheers

  • @YurkshireLad for contact (and calendar) I think Nextcloud is pretty good. I was able to easily export contacts from Google and import into Nextcloud. And with the Nextcloud app installed on my phone all my new contacts automatically sync to it now too.

    I've not started using it yet, but there is also a good Android app for Contacts and Calendar too DavX5 which plays nicely with Nextcloud.

    For email I find all the existing options to be really quite severely lacking 😞

    Of the available options (SOGo, Roundcube, Nextcloud Mail, RainLoop) so far I think my preference is RainLoop (there is also a Nextcloud RainLoop app, so you can use it within Nextcloud too if you want - although I've noticed that the non-Nextcloud stand alone version has way more options available in settings).

  • I note RainLoop is also the most recommended here:

    But really, imho, all the existing self-hostable open source options for webmail leave A LOT to be desired. Nothing comes even remotely close to Gmail 😕