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How to don't mess your Synapse/Riot installation

  • Hi all;

    Here a drop of my personal note which would probably help others

    1. It is preferable to install Synapse before Riot
      if it's not the case, simply uninstall both and reinstall

    2. For an automatic setup, as mentioned here, it is preferable to install Synapse under matrix.YourDomain.tld than Riot under the same YourDomain.tld (the subdomain of Riot don't really matter)

    If you decided to leave user management to the app, than you have to let user to be able to register


    1. If you want to register a new user and/or lets people to register on your server the configuration is under Synapse app inside /app/data/configs/homeserver.yaml
      ```**** file. By the end of this file you will see: enable_registration: false which you have to change for enable_registration: true than restart the container.

    2. the encryption recovery pass should be different than your password