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Carnet (Goole keep Like) app does not stop recording

  • I installed an next cloud addon Carnet, which allows one to take notes much like google keep. When I try to make a voice note from a browser, I can authorize the browser's use of the mic, and I get a dialogue box that shows the audio is being received, but I cannot stop the recording. I am not sure if this is a cloudron issue or a next cloud issue or an issue with my personal system. I have tried several browsers.

    After initializing the mic to record a memo, the browser asks for permission to use the hardware (the mic) . Then a dialogue pops up with a wave capture graphic. When I speak it changes as if it is registering my voice, but when I press the pause button or the stop button the time counter continues counting off the seconds and the waveform continues to change as it detects different levels of noise.

    I am curious if anyone else uses this addon as a part of their nextcloud?

  • App Dev

    @seeker This is a question for the Nextcloud forums.

  • @seeker said in Carnet (Goole keep Like) app does not stop recording:

    I am curious if anyone else uses this addon as a part of their nextcloud?

    I tried it out and it mostly seemed to just not work so I fairly swiftly uninstalled it. I don't think it's really mature enough yet.

  • @murgero I started there and it does not seem to be an issue others are having. So I am thinking it is cloudron, my system or what @jdaviescoates said- it not being mature enough yet.

    If a bunch of people had tried it from here and it worked that would have changed my trajectory.

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    @seeker Sorry - Maybe we are using too new a nextcloud ver? Some nextcloud apps only work with certain versions.