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SOLVED Nextcloud 19.0.3 is out

  • @nebulon You're probably busy with the next Cloudron release but please don't forget this update 🙂 There's quite a lot of important fixes.

  • Staff

    It is of course on our list to update. With the experience from updating Nextcloud in the past, we are just a bit more conservative here, since there is too often breakage due to upstream regressions, so we are testing updates more than usual.
    This is even more so dangerous since Nextcloud often has vast amounts of changes for even a patch release.

  • Staff

    We've updated the app now, but will only slowly push out the update to Cloudrons, since as mentioned Nextcloud updates are always a bit tricky.

  • 19.03 is out with the following changes:

    • Fix possible leaking scope in Flow (server#22410)
    • Combine body-login rules in theming and fix twofactor and guest styling on bright colors (server#22427)
    • Show better quota warning for group folders and external storage (server#22442)
    • Add php docs build script (server#22448)
    • Fix clicks on actions menu of non opaque file rows in acceptance tests (server#22503)
    • Fix writing BLOBs to postgres with recent contacts interaction (server#22515)
    • Set the mount id before calling storage wrapper (server#22519)
    • Fix S3 error handling (server#22521)
    • Only disable zip64 if the size is known (server#22537)
    • Change free space calculation (server#22553)
    • Do not keep the part file if the forbidden exception has no retry set (server#22560)
    • Fix app password updating out of bounds (server#22569)
    • Use the correct root to determinate the webroot for the resource (server#22579)
    • Upgrade icewind/smb to 3.2.7 (server#22581)
    • Bump elliptic from 6.4.1 to 6.5.3 (notifications#732)
    • Fixes regression that prevented you from toggling the encryption flag (privacy#489)
    • Match any non-whitespace character in filesystem pattern (serverinfo#229)
    • Catch StorageNotAvailable exceptions (text#1001)
    • Harden read only check on public endpoints (text#1017)
    • Harden check when using token from memcache (text#1020)
    • Sessionid is an int (text#1029)
    • Only overwrite Ctrl-f when text is focussed (text#990)
    • Set the X-Requested-With header on dav requests (viewer#582)