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SOLVED Bitwarden: Wrong timezone makes TOTP unusable on sites

  • I just tried to log into Bitwarden in a new browser and enter the TOTP code generated by Authy.
    It was 08:23 here in Germany (UTC +2).
    However, Bitwarden throws the following error:

    Invalid TOTP code! Server time: 2020-09-25 06:23:46 UTC IP:

    Screenshot 2020-09-25 082418.png

    Something similar happens when I try to modify my Amazon account...

    My server has the following time zone:

                          Local time: Fr 2020-09-25 08:28:51 CEST
                      Universal time: Fr 2020-09-25 06:28:51 UTC
                            RTC time: Fr 2020-09-25 06:28:51
                           Time zone: Europe/Berlin (CEST, +0200)
           System clock synchronized: yes
    systemd-timesyncd.service active: yes
                     RTC in local TZ: no

    So I guess the Bitwarden App has the wrong time zone?

  • Staff

    Looks like the bitwarden app needs a setting to allow modifying the timezone then.

    Do you know if this works if your server/host timezone is set to UTC and thus everything including bitwarden is UTC?

  • sudo dpkg-reconfigure tzdata
    Current default time zone: 'Etc/UTC'
    Local time is now:      Fri Sep 25 09:36:14 UTC 2020.
    Universal Time is now:  Fri Sep 25 09:36:14 UTC 2020.

    It now works with the Bitwarden login but not with Amazon - I also contacted Amazon - apparently they have a problem on their side!

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