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  • it seems there are still issues over here :
    turn DEBUG on in the ampache cfg file and then head over to :
    your ampache instance /test.php?action=config

  • No idea how but I managed to crash my ampache instance in this state, I have a backup but I would like to understand what happened, I tracked and reversed changes I applied to the config file but I keep stuck in this page, digging the origin of this 🙂

    I missed a ; that I had removed from an option line 🙂

  • c3685361-1ca2-4219-8b74-7266349ff933-image.png

  • It also seems that Statistical graphs work out of the box just by enabling it, without having to install composer require szymach/c-pchart "2.*"

    ; Statistical Graphs * Requires PHP-GD *
    ; Set this to true if you want Ampache to generate statistical graphs on usages / users.
    ; This is false by default due to issues around the licensing of c-pchart.
    ; You can enable c-chart with the following command
    ; composer require szymach/c-pchart "2.*"
    ; DEFAULT: "false"
    statistical_graphs = "true"


  • One thing is very clear for anyone wanting to use Ampache/Koel/Navidrome

    Fix your ID3 tags before doing anything, there is a bunch of software to handle ID3 and if your content is mainstream music, available in most stores, spotify etc.. then you get to use Musicbrainz features to correctly tag your content directly from Ampache.

    But for anything that is home-produced, self tagged, good ID3 tagging prior to uploading and feeding the database is of capital importance. You can use Ampache to edit current ID3 tags from your collection but you can't mass edit files, multi select them and assign them the proper album and cover etc..but offline all of this can be done.

  • @rmdes out of interest, what do you use to create/ edit ID3 tags?

  • @jdaviescoates I use Kid3 on mxLinux

    That should give you the gist of it it seems MP3tag can also be run with great success using Wine and then there are a bunch of cli tools and file name cleaning techniques that are worth learning and can make you win a lot of time 🙂

  • Now i'm getting memories from working on Winamp back in the 90s.

    There should be a plethora of ID3 Taggers that can detect the song match it up from CDdb and fill in the rest. There were even ones that parsed the filename and filled it in nicely that way.

    I'm assuming now there would be some integration via API to Shazam and Soundhound to recognize the sampled fragments and provide ID3 Tag info.

  • @robi Yes Musicbrainz and others do this well today, if your song match an existing hash you get a beautifully tagged library in no time, provided it's mainstream CDdb & other sources based, the link above mentions these possibilities.

    Ampache can also do some of this, it has a bunch of API spots to fill for different services, spotify among them, to do just that if you also enabled iD3 rewriting based on what it gets from different sources.
    I'm not using any of that but for example, just by activating some of the plugins to fetch artist data from different places, some of my mixes got a nice cover they did not have before, so this is working, even for mixes that have 2 decades already 🙂