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UNSOLVED Change Admin Email (admin@cloudron.local)

  • Dear All,

    Where I can get informations about user management?

    I see two kind of users:

    • Local
    • Cloudron

    But even if "admin" is marked as "Local", I cannot change email (now is admin@cloudron.local and I would like to change).

    Also, I deactivated "Cloudron" to simplify login page, but after few hours I got back "cloudron" activated.

    Schermata 2020-11-18 alle 09.35.51.png

    Thank's a lot!

  • Staff

    To change the email address of local users, you have to go to the Users section in the adminstration UI in wikijs. Then in the user list you can select the user and change the email there. Changing email is not possible for a user through the user's profile UI.

    Regarding the Cloudron LDAP integration, this will currently always come back once the app restarts. If we want to also allow wikijs without any Cloudron user integration, we have to package the app with optionalSso, which is currently not done.

  • @nebulon Thank's a lot!

    1. I went to that area (Users section in the adminstration UI in wikij), changed the email, but the email still be the same once going out from platform.

    2. Ok, so what is the best practice to create and distribute users login and password?

    Thank's a lot!

  • Staff

    Are you saying that the email change is undone once you relogin or so? Not sure I understand if in your 1. point you mean that it is good or not working.

    For your second question, you can invite users to your Cloudron and ensure they have access to wikijs through the LDAP login or you can also create new wikijs local users from that same user listing UI in wikijs.

  • @nebulon Hello and thank's a lot!

    1. I followed your instructions and all seems to be right!
    2. What do you suggest? Create new user on Cloudron or on Local Wikijs? Thank's a lot!