@Buyanbat Just repeating some of the stuff here that I mentioned on chat, so it's useful for others.

We used to have a Hosting provider edition back in 2019 but we don't have this anymore since we folded most of the features into the main edition itself.

As a general rule, the easiest and recommended way if you are hoping multiple apps for clients is to just have separate cloudron installations for each customer. So install Cloudron into customer1.myservice.com, customer2.myservice.com etc. In general, if your service is "hands free" / "self service", meaning where the customer installs their own apps and uses the Cloudron dashboard themselves, this is the best option.

If you are managing the Cloudron installation (and not the customer), there are other approaches:

If you want to share one server across customers, then you can either add all the domains and then install apps into those domains. When installing apps, you can select "Let the app manage users" at installation time. Then you can add your customers inside the apps.

Another option is to add customers in a group of their own and restrict each app to have access to a specific group. One catch with this approach is that Cloudron admin role have access to all apps. So just make sure your customers are not admins on Cloudron. For next Cloudron release (6.1), we will have a way by which you can make specific users as admins of specific apps.