When I did my testing for the Valheim Server App I wrote this script to make testing easier.

Note tho, this only works when not using any addons, but localstorage works with the local mount.

#!/bin/bash # Function to get the user to input the needed vars get_vars () { read -p "Cloudron E-Mail: " EMAIL read -p "Cloudron Username: " USERNAME read -s -p "Cloudron Password: " PASSWORD read -p "Cloudron URL: " CLOUDRON_URL read -p "DOCKER REPOSITORY URL: " DOCKER_REPOSITORY_URL read -p "DOCKER USERNAME: " DOCKER_REPOSITORY_USERNAME read -p -s "DOCKER PASSWORD: " DOCKER_REPOSITORY_PASSWORD printf "EMAIL=$EMAIL\n USERNAME=$USERNAME\n PASSWORD=$PASSWORD\n CLOUDRON_URL=$CLOUDRON_URL\n DOCKER_REPOSITORY_URL=$DOCKER_REPOSITORY_URL\n DOCKER_REPOSITORY_USERNAME=$DOCKER_REPOSITORY_USERNAME\n DOCKER_REPOSITORY_PASSWORD=$DOCKER_REPOSITORY_PASSWORD\n " > .env } # check if .env file exists and read it or check if vars exsist if [ -f ".env" ]; then export $(egrep -v '^#' .env | xargs) &> /dev/null else echo ".env File missing - asking for required vars" get_vars fi if [ -z "$EMAIL" ] || [ -z "$USERNAME" ] || [ -z "$PASSWORD" ] || [ -z "$CLOUDRON_URL" ] || [ -z "$DOCKER_REPOSITORY_URL" ] || [ -z "$DOCKER_REPOSITORY_USERNAME" ] || [ -z "$DOCKER_REPOSITORY_PASSWORD" ]; then echo "some vars are empty - asking for required vars" get_vars fi echo "=> Login Docker" docker login --username $DOCKER_REPOSITORY_USERNAME --password $DOCKER_REPOSITORY_PASSWORD $DOCKER_REPOSITORY_URL echo "=> Login Cloudron" cloudron login --username $USERNAME --password $PASSWORD my.$CLOUDRON_URL set -x # Get the ID and VERSION from the CloudronManifest.json ID=$(jq -r ".id" CloudronManifest.json) VERSION=$(jq -r ".version" CloudronManifest.json) echo "=> Create Test Data dir" mkdir -p ./cloudron_test/data ./cloudron_test/tmp ./cloudron_test/run echo "=> Cleanup Test Data" rm -rf ./cloudron_test/data/* ./cloudron_test/tmp/* ./cloudron_test/run/* echo "=> Build test image" cloudron build --set-repository $DOCKER_REPOSITORY_URL/$ID # docker build -t $DOCKER_REPOSITORY_URL/$ID:$VERSION . if [[ RUN_IMG = "" ]]; then read -p "Do you want to run the image created image?: (y/N)" RUN_IMG fi if [[ "$RUN_IMG" = "y" || "$RUN_IMG" = "Y" ]]; then echo "=> Run `test` tag of build image" docker run -ti --read-only \ --volume $(pwd)/cloudron_test/data:/app/data:rw \ --volume $(pwd)/cloudron_test/tmp:/tmp:rw \ --volume $(pwd)/cloudron_test/run:/run:rw \ $DOCKER_REPOSITORY_URL/$ID:$VERSION \ bash fi echo "=> Running tests" cd test echo "=> Running ncu - updating deps" ncu -u npm -i echo "=> Installing package.json" npm install if [[ -f ./node_modules/.bin/mocha ]]; then ./node_modules/.bin/mocha ./test.js -b fi if [[ -f ../node_modules/.bin/mocha ]]; then ../node_modules/.bin/mocha ./test.js -b fi # remove installed test instance echo "Cancel now if you wish to keep the app installed" sleep 10 cloudron uninstall --app test.$CLOUDRON_URL