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  • Looking to collaborate? Post here if you need help or willing to offer help.

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    @jayonrails I have 1 Cloudron frontend that I built that you can take a look at. A while ago I created a pretty simple 'homepage' dashboard, see here. From there, I was able to modify it to be a Cloudron based dashboard - originally, it was based on a pre-configured config file, this new repo leverages the Cloudron API to build out the config for the user. (This is also published on Cloudron's git). The interface isn't necessarily something to write home about, but I'm more of a backend developer than designer πŸ™‚

    What are you looking for?

  • App contributions hall of fame

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    @jimcavoli said in Who here has actually already packaged an app that is already in the Cloudron App store?:

    I finally got mine...weird though; I had to go into settings to turn it on. Forget where exactly, since I did that a couple days ago, but super appreciate the idea, love the thread, and happily continuing to package several more things (OpenSlides is complete, and I've resumed work on Zammad). Just for the sake of interesting trivia, I've also done a fully custom build that actually builds & deploys itself when a GH release is tagged on its repo, as well as a spike on a fully custom multi-protocol SSO tool (read IdP) intended for Cloudron-only deployment...more on that someday in the future if it lives on.

    Definitely want to build the same deployment pipeline you have. And also, I look forward to hearing your SSO ideas in the future. ☺️

  • Translators hall of fame

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    Public registration is off on that, but we do add language maintainers manually if needed. See

    Since we have native German speakers on the team, we are maintaining that internally, however you can suggest changes via the weblate instance for any strings and I will review those then.

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    @cbeams Just leave a note in that forum thread with the git repo and also please provide us with status updates as you work on it and we will get it published!

  • Building custom packages

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    the cloudron CLI needs to be installed on your local machine (not the server)

    yes you can put as the location providing has been added to Domains & Certs

    Docker needs to be installed on your local machine for the app building/packaging process

    custom builds can use cloudron's MySQL if you specify it as an add-on in the CloudronManifest.json for the app you are building. You will need to reference the credentials in the Dockerfile you are building.

  • Writing automated tests for packages

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    @nebulon Yea I just wanted to reply never mind, I copied the tests from the alltube app which do not even use selenium so yeeaa my mistake.

    Now I took the nextcloud tests and will learn from them πŸ™‚

  • Cloudron Non-App Store Packaged Apps

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    @matbrgz added to the post at the top!

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    @ChristopherMag good point πŸ˜„ I will remember to use or something like that next time!

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    I tried this on an Ubuntu 22.04 virtual machine and it worked properly as expected. I am not sure what the issue is but Windows 11 pro with Windows Subsystem for Linux 2 and Docker version 24.0.6 results in the no such file or directory.

    I did test other non cloudron related containers with Docker for windows using WSL2 and they worked fine.

    I also reconfigured docker for windows to use it's own VM hosted on Hyper V, no longer using Windows Subsystem for Linux 2, and it also had the same problem with no such file or directory.

    I will stick to running the build process from a Ubuntu VM for now and at present it doesn't look like Docker for Windows, however it is configured, is usable for building containers to be run on cloudron.

  • Idea: Unofficial Custom App Import Repo

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    @timconsidine right, much of the CLI finesse needed to get something running can be snapshotted via the app backup, which when restored just runs without fiddling.

    So yes, more App happiness on Cloudron.

  • Custom node app not starting

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    I have now created a repo for my custom package :

    This packages a "desktop SMS" app which allows you to send/receive SMS on a virtual number (not your phone's number).

    It is also useful for "fake" registrations for things like WhatsApp etc.

  • Mosquitto and TLS certs question

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    @jadudm I'm looking for a mosquitto Cloudron package and found this topic. Do you have any plans to open-source the package you created?

  • Regular App Packaging Event

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    I cannot believe I'd missed this thread! The last 2 years have been much hectic for me, and me who was finally about to start learning the process of building apps for Cloudron. I'm of course willing to participate and contribute in this in any way. @marcusquinn good suggestion.

  • Testing code with a Monkey Wrench or two

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  • Moving from packaged app to custom

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    @robi I went ahead and created the App request thread:

  • Memory leak when custom image is deployed in cloudron

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    So the memory leak indeed seemed to be coming from the frequent health check.
    I customized the health check path and returned a simple response object, and it seems to do the trick.


    I still think I have something incorrectly handled somewhere and if the website would have a lot of traffic, the issue would probably resurface.

    But it's not very likely, so I'll stick to YAGNI. (I'll keep an eye on the stats in any case.)

    Thanks for the help.

  • Process of getting into the AppStore

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    What is the app you've packaged @philkunz ?

    Despite what's already been said, so far I don't think I've ever seen @girish or @nebulon say "sorry, we're not going to add this app to the app store" apart from when it is an app that is clearly no longer maintained upstream.

    Generally, if someone does the work to package an app for Cloudron, they'll add it to the app store.

  • Fastify does not work on custom apps.

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    You can check if listen({ host: '', port: 3000 }) makes it better.

  • Cloudron Package Template

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    @girish Ah, great, I didn't use init before, as I usually first want to understand how things work, before using the boilerplate. It's a pleasure to see that my templates are very close to the init one 😎

  • App without Web Interface?

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    @nebulon Great, thanks for the information. I think having support for headless apps would be a nice feature in the future.

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