@timconsidine said in AVideo platform:

Anyone tried to install using a Cloudron LAMP app ?

I was preparing to install this on a LAMP box however, while I was reading about the installation here's what I stumbled upon:

Streamer can be installed on any Server, including Windows, but the encoder and Livestream should work fine on any Linux distribution. However we recommend Ubuntu 20.04 without any kind of control panel. The problem with cPanel, Plesk, Webmin, VestaCP, etc. It's because we need full root access to install some libs, and maybe compile them. Another important point is that to make Livestream work, we need to compile Nginx and the control panels often prevent us from running the commands forcing the installation available only on your panel.

It's on this page https://github.com/WWBN/AVideo/blob/master/README.md

So, in regards to the above I think that it wouldn't work loading this under a LAMP box.

What do you guys think?