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    @LoudLemur Maybe

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    @robi no, he got it right. I'm looking for a photo/image review tool. Tldraw would have worked nicely for my use-case, but the multiplayer issue is a dealbreaker.

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    @LoudLemur WOW apparently this one went under the radar 😁

    That would sound like a great addition. On the other hand, I'm not much fund on Java. Might be because all I knew was it was resource hungry but that was a long time ago.

    Do you think it would run well on cloudron?

    Another concern is that Java is among the oldest programming languages and yet we still see not much of Java apps, at least in FOSS market.

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    @timconsidine said in Video Streaming for Cloudron:

    @LoudLemur in my understanding, streaming (especially Live) is not so much a question of technology, but of scale and server/bandwidth resources to support dozens, hundreds, thousands of connections. It is necessary to consider use case and scale in order to answer effective performance.

    I think you have a pretty good idea of how that should be thought from the basis. So, in this regard, asking oneself for a start, what's the ultimate goal using video streaming or even podcasts or video sharing would be worth spending a bit of time on the question.

    As @luckow mentioned about the possibilities and limitations of a VPS using a 1G bandwidth, it is important to keep in mind that for live streaming to large audiences it will eventually take more than 1G of bw output to smoothly scale streaming to such audience, whatever output capacity you have on your server. When you get in the thousands of live viewers even increasing RAM on the server won't be sufficient, it will help but you will need a bigger pipe to push it out. πŸ™‚

    OBS Ninja is a good example. Relatively simple to install/host. But how much does it support ? I don't know, but I would guess on most VPS servers or even small dedicated servers, it would be relatively limited.

    OBS is used on your local rig and so it depends on your local resources to reach the streaming service server.

    I know Peertube has live streaming capacities as well, however I haven't had the time to test it out yet. It would be interesting to learn about anyone else who might have tested this already, and if tested with OBS and well it works, or not lol πŸ˜†

    Happy for someone to challenge this understanding. Would love to be proved wrong.
    Happy to prove you right βœ…

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    @loudlemur said in Monkey See, Monkey Do: Cloudron Video Explainers:


    Let’s make RTFM stand for Read the Friendly Manual or better make a new acronym such as WTFV or WTT for Watch the Tuto.

    @privsec said in Monkey See, Monkey Do: Cloudron Video Explainers:

    How to properly setup/secure your server to a high level of protection

    For me, the highest level of protection is a server without access to the internet; then more realistically it is a server with access to the internet but where all the services are behind a VPN; such as OpenVPN, WireGuard, ...).

    With a server open to the world, you are at the mercy of the developers (the one who develop the application such as Nextcloud, WordPress, ...)

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    @timconsidine said in AVideo platform:

    Anyone tried to install using a Cloudron LAMP app ?

    I was preparing to install this on a LAMP box however, while I was reading about the installation here's what I stumbled upon:

    Streamer can be installed on any Server, including Windows, but the encoder and Livestream should work fine on any Linux distribution. However we recommend Ubuntu 20.04 without any kind of control panel. The problem with cPanel, Plesk, Webmin, VestaCP, etc. It's because we need full root access to install some libs, and maybe compile them. Another important point is that to make Livestream work, we need to compile Nginx and the control panels often prevent us from running the commands forcing the installation available only on your panel.

    It's on this page

    So, in regards to the above I think that it wouldn't work loading this under a LAMP box.

    What do you guys think?

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    @avatar1024 said in Nextcloud Talk high-performance back-end:

    I'm just wondering in light of the Jitsi situation (i.e. hard to update), whether it might be worth reviving this thread starting with the package @doodlemania2 made? Or if any other video call app might be simpler to package and maintain on Cloudron (e.g. @Kubernetes made an initial package for MiroTalk but I've got no clue how it compares with Jitsi or NC talk)

    For everyone who wants to host it themselves without too much hassle, I have been successfully using this build on a standalone server for some months now: