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    I have not used VMWare tools extensively, but I think you can do the below

    Take a full Cloudron backups before you do anything. I think the best approach is to simply use VMware snapshots. Snapshot the VM. Move/copy the snapshot to the end destination and create a new VM again from snapshot. Depending on your setup, maybe the move/copy is redundant. As I said, I don't really know much about the VMware tools. Change the IP address of the dashboard my.cloudron.example to the new IP manually. i.e via your DNS provider. Start the the new VM. You should be able to visit my.cloudron.example already and login Once you visit, go to Domains -> Sync DNS. This will resync all the DNS entries with the new IP automatically.

    That should be it, I guess.

    If something goes bad, please let us know here and you can always start up the old instance immediately and continue.