@girish said in Cloudron+ZFS?:

I think this might also help us in setting per-app data directory size limits.


There was another long there elsewhere about how running out of disk space should not bring down the server. I think with having appdata in a volume with specific size (assuming zfs allows us to resize volumes easily etc), then that's a big win!

Yes it does! From 10 years ago I recall it's only resizing up. Downsize was a lateral move across volumes.

Any idea on how these things perform? As long as it's reasonable, that should be ok. It's not like most apps are very disk i/o heavy.

Yes, it runs better than most any other filesystem because of the efficiency and caching that ZFS does. It can also be further enhanced with their ZIL (intent log) that's kept in RAM. For busy systems that is a godsend.

I was one of the key members of the team actually created the first ZFS system on the planet, stretched across two nodes.