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Help installing Cloudron on Virtualbox

  • Hi, I'm trying to install on a Virtualbox VM in order to test Cloudron and then move it to a bare-metal unit.
    I'm having hard times with setup. I'm using Cloudflare DNS to manage the name, but I couldn't finish the process. Sometimes because of a bizarre error on setup DNS page and sometimes because after complete Site Name, API G- Key, email, and DNS Service, always ends on time_out error.
    I'm behind a Router and a Cable Modem. Open Ports on both pointing to the dynamic IP address of the VM machine hosting cloudron.
    Any document or link to some guide?
    BTW I didn't find any doc & guide installing Cloudron on a physical server... is this bad idea?
    Sorry if the questions are vague or too broad.
    I will appreciate any lead or direction to solve this issue.

  • Staff

    Hi there,

    running on bare metal is totally fine. For the setup within your network behind the router, please make sure that at least port 80 and 443 are forwarded. Port 80 is required to obtain LetsEncrypt SSL certificates. Otherwise please check the logs with journalctl -u box when performing the dns setup on your Cloudron, this should show for which IP it is waiting for the DNS records to be in-sync. Possibly it is checking for the wrong (private) IP.

    Further when using Cloudrflare, please note that currently Cloudron does not support installing apps that are proxied via Cloudflare. Cloudflare backend only sets up the DNS via Cloudflare API and expects website traffic to be unproxied.

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