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  • Staff

    This release is mostly about updating some of the internal software packages. One major change is that we are moving away from using journalctl logging backend for Docker containers. This is because we have no control about how logs are rotated at a unit level with journalctl. For Cloudron case, some app logs are very spammy and some apps are not. Box update logs are important and need to preserved etc. To fix this, we have implemented a rsyslog backend for docker.

    Anyway, here is what is coming:

    • Use custom logging backend to have more control over log rotation
    • Make user explicitly confirm that fs backup dir is on external storage
    • Update node to 8.11.2
    • Update docker to 18.03.1
    • Fix docker exec terminal resize issue
    • Make the mailbox name follow the apps new location, if the user did not set it explicitly
    • Remove password requirements (only enforce min 8 char limit)
  • Staff

    We are slowly rolling out 2.4.