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  • Staff

    Cloudron 3.2 is now available for all. You can read more in our blog post


    • Wildcard certificates
    • ACME v2 API support
    • SFO2 region for DigitalOcean Spaces
    • Fix permission issue when restoring a Cloudron
    • Fix issue in mail container where it gets locked up at times
  • Staff

    Please note that existing Cloudrons will not use wildcard certs automatically. You have to go to domains -> edit the domain -> advanced -> Choose wildcard provider. New apps will then start using a wildcard cert automatically. Existing apps will start using wildcard certs once the existing ones expire. If you are impatient, you can just click on 'configure' of an existing app and click save to get a wildcard cert.

    Also, wildcard certs only work with programmable DNS.

    Finally, for new Cloudrons, wildcard is the default.