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What's coming in 3.5

  • Staff

    We will finish up some of the things we planned for 3.3. We had to push out 3.4 because we had some UI bugs that we wanted to get fixed immediately.

    • Better Volume management - goal here is to be able to expand the storage used by an app more easily. also to provide a way to get data into apps like nextcloud/piwigo/lychee/emby/plex.
    • Add a way to switch the dashboard domain (this is required for our hosting provider editon but we will make it available on all editions).

  • Those storage improvements will be great to use. The main reason I'm not using Lychee is because I can''t easily use the photos that are already stored in Nextcloud.

    Plex and Piwigo inbound? I run a Plex server at home and it would be great to replace it with this.

  • Can we get an update on the apps? Git Lab has an issue that has been fixed when creating an API token for third party clients like Git Kraken. Cant use Git Kraken because I cant generate a private API yet.

  • Staff

    @spectrely What is the GitLab issue you mention? What version of GitLab is it fixed in?

  • @girish The issue was one of key length within a specific file and issues generating a personal access token. It has been fixed with the latest GitLab update. Thanks!

  • I'm going to hammer on the bitwarden_rs request! Having a personal cloud, password management is an absolute must. I see the lack of a cloud based "single source of truth" password management solution as a massive blind spot for Cloudron.
    Love you guys, I'm your biggest fan. Keep up the excellent work!

  • Staff

    Just a heads up, we will be most likely releasing this next week. Most of the new features are done, just going through the testing cycle.

  • @girish Great work guys!
    Any more details on everything you all implemented?

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