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Cloudron 3.5 released

  • Staff

    Cloudron 3.5 is available for all. You can read more in our blog post.


    • Notifications view
    • Namecheap DNS
    • Users view pagination and search
    • New S3 regions - Osaka, Paris, Stockholm
    • Add UI to switch dashboard domain
    • Cloudflare: preseve domain proxying status across app changes
    • Improved eventlog messages

    One thing that didn't make it to the release is volume/data directory management. This is actually implemented but we found a small issue that might cause data loss during migration, so we decided to keep the UI hidden for now. We will make it available in the next release.

  • I'm sorry but I can't update. When I click the "Update Available" button I get the changes. Clicking "Update" there results in a short message: "No update available".

    Can you help me?

  • Staff

    @RoboMod unless you have Wallabag or Owncloud installed, the update should be rolled out to all by now. Is this issue still there? Can you maybe also take a look at the logs once you've clicked the update trigger? The logs in this case would be found at /home/yellowtent/platformdata/logs/box.log

  • @nebulon Okay, it seems as if the update was applied over night. Thank you

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