Cloudron 3.5.1

  • We are rolling out 3.5.1 over the course of this week. It's mostly bug fixes for changes in 3.5.

    Changes are:

    • DNS keys and backup credentials and encryption keys are not returned in API calls anymore
    • Add dashboard domain change event
    • Fix issue where notification email were sent from incorrect domain
    • Alert about configuration issues in the notification UI
    • Switching dashboard domain now updates MX, SPF records
    • Mailbox and lists UI is now always visible (but disabled) when incoming email is disabled
    • Fix UI issue where long passwords were not accepted
    • Send notification when an app that went down, came back up

  • Rolling out 3.5.2 with following fixes:

    • Fix encoding of links in plain text email
    • Hide mail relay password
    • Do not return API tokens in REST API

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