Minecraft Bedrock Server (previously pocket version)

  • Hi all,

    some time ago, we have published the server app for the Minecraft Java Edition. Since then several users have asked for the new generation called Minecraft Bedrock, which is the one compatible with the tablet and Windows 10 client versions.

    I am happy now to announce that we have both apps now in our library: https://cloudron.io/store/net.minecraft.bedrock.cloudronapp.html

    This is the first version of it, so please test and give feedback for us to improve on.

    Happy gaming!

  • This app has a typo in start.sh, line 8 should be if [[ ! -f /app/data/bedrock/server.properties ]]; then.

    EDIT: Lied, all if statements are wrong, they are all pointing to /app/data and should be pointing to /app/data/bedrock

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