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UNSOLVED How to change Cloudron server email sender?

  • Hi,

    I changed the Outbound Relay to Gmail, however Cloudron is using as sender. Now I need to change that because of issues with DMARC on that domain which is also externally hosted.

    How to do this?

    Kind regards,


  • Staff

    Hi Marcel,

    Cloudron will use the relay for all emails sent out for that domain, this includes the no-reply@ address as well as emails sent out from the apps installed on that domain. So the address is dynamic. Can you give more detail on the DMARC issue you have?


  • Hi Johannes,

    excuse me for being unclear.

    I don't use Cloudron for e-mail, the "maindomain" is on Cloudron for www but email is handled by Google for Business.

    So sending an email from Cloudron "system" using (another) Outbound relay GMail account (not the one used as "maindomain") results in DMARC issues.

    I realize now I could solve that by using the Google for Business "maindomain" as an Outbound relay. However it would be convenient to decide myself what the "sender" email is.

    Hopefully I made myself clear and am curious how you look at this?

    Kind regards and keep up the good work!


  • Staff

    This is indeed also a common case to have the email not hosted on Cloudron. However Cloudron will still want to send out emails for this domain. There are two components doing so:

    • the system as such which would send out with
    • the apps, if they need to send out app specific notifications. In such a case the address is dynamically generated depending on the app and which domain it is installed on

    Currently none of those can be changed to use some customer email address to send out as.

    Regarding the DMARC issue, just to be sure, did you check the mail status tab in the Cloudron dashboard for this domain? The UI will attempt to provide guidance or show issues with email related DNS records there.