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  • Staff

    Hi all,
    We released Cloudron 4.1 now. The blog has more details about the release.

    • New configure UI. Grouped settings into categories.
    • App icons are now customizable
    • Setup redirect from multiple domains
    • Remove obsolete X-Frame-Options from nginx configs
    • Give SFTP access based on access restriction (not just to admins)
    • Manifest v2 - all env vars are injected with the prefix CLOUDRON_. Manifest v1 is still supported and will continue to work for the foreseeable future.
    • Remove password requirement for uninstalling apps, domains & users
    • Fix issue where unused addon images were not pruned
    • Add DigitalOcean Frankfurt (fra1) region for backup storage
    • Fix DNS backend issue for naked domains
    • Fix DigitalOcean DNS API to make requests with ttl of 30
    • Fix DKIM selector conflict when adding same domain across multiple cloudrons

    We are also planning a 4.1.5 sometime next week which will contain a number of bug fixes:

    • Make the terminal addon button inject variables based on manifest version
    • Preserve addon passwords correctly when using v2 manifest
    • Show error message instead of logging out user when invalid 2FA token is provided
    • Ensure redis vars are renamed with manifest v2
    • Add missing Scaleway Object Storage to restore UI
    • Fix Exoscale endpoints in restore UI
    • Reset the app icon when showing the configure UI
  • Staff

    4.1.5 is being rolled out.