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  • This is my fourth time setting up Cloudron on a server and till now everything has gone well. Yesterday I sat down to do a generic install on a VM and I get this error.

    echo "==> Installing node.js"
    ==> Installing node.js
    mkdir -p /usr/local/node-10.15.1
    curl -sL | tar zxvf - --strip-components=1 -C /usr/local/node-10.15.1

    gzip: stdin: unexpected end of file
    tar: Child returned status 1
    tar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now

    Tried manually installing node.js and I get the same error on a clean build. Has anybody else seen this? I've spent a few hours messing around with ubuntu and there doesn't seem to be a way around this error that I can find. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  • Staff

    Is this error still persisting, I cannot reproduce it here, since the tarball from that location loads just fine for me.