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DigitalOcean with Cloudron Backup Best Practice

  • I've recently switched from A2 Hosting to Digital Ocean as I'm getting into the self-hosting world. I've got my first server set up and have installed Cloudron so that I can easily install and manage various apps I like to use. I'm getting a notification when I login into my Cloudron account that my Cloudron backups are being saved to the same server that Cloudron is running on. I have backups enabled in my DigitalOcean account for my server, but am wondering whether or not it would be a good idea to spin up another server and have Cloudron back up to it?

    What are recommendations for backing up on a VPS provider like DigitalOcean? I'm unsure whether or not having backups enabled on my Ubuntu droplet is enough, or if I should go a step further and send Cloudron backups to an entirely different droplet. I see an option in Cloudron to backup to DigitalOcean Spaces? Maybe this is the way to go. Not sure what that is, but hey, I'm learning 🙂 An y tips and tricks will be much appreciated! Thanks

  • Staff

    Hi and welcome on board! The warning you are seeing is, because it is never a good idea to store the backups at the very same disk/server. Ideally those should be stored in some other datacenter or such. For Cloudron the backups also are per-app to allow per-app restore if an update failed or something else is broken. This makes the backup service for the whole server not very useful, nevertheless it is still some safety net of course.

    Ideally you should choose between one of the storage providers we currently support For your case DigitalOcean Spaces might be a good option.

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