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How to "force" stop an app?

  • Hi, a few times, one of my apps (tiny tiny RSS, specifically) has gone unresponsive. I've tried to restart from the command line tool and from the web GUI (on separate occasions), but the app never stops. So, I eventually cancel the task, which puts the app in an "Error" state. In this state, I can't start the app. The only reliable way I've found to get out of this state is to reboot the machine. Is there a more elegant way to handle this?

  • Staff

    With the last major release we have reworked quite a bit of the state handling and by now we found a couple of missing state handling. What you describe also falls into this category. We are working on a better fix for this.

    Generally regarding the "stopping" of an app, do you see anything suspicious in the logs?

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